July 28, 2021

The BIG Mistake that can cost you years and how you can avoid it! There are so many talented entrepreneurs and artists out there who are sitting around with no business… and soooooooo many mediocre ones that have a massive following, business, and making more money by the day! Why does that happen? Below is

March 22, 2021

In this Video, Antano talks about how certain patterns in our life has a Biochemical reaction on our Body and Why ‘awareness’ alone is not enough? For Example:A smoker ignores the warning written on the pack, throws caution to the wind, quite literally, while painting the sky grey. Why? Because Patterns Are Biochemical in Nature

February 25, 2021

Natural Authority is a capability that will not only make you the ‘Go-To Person’ for your family.You will also start noticing the kind of trust, relatability, and comfort amongst your colleagues, thus making you a Natural Leader at the workplace as well! You may have heard of our super cool installations-enabled event called ‘Conversational Programming’

December 18, 2020

 Preeti Baney LAUNCHED her own design and fashion label after dreaming about it for decades. Over the years she had acquired many talents and skills but couldn’t utilise them to their fullest of potential for monetary returns. She also craved to carve a niche for herself. However, she didn’t know how to travel the path

December 17, 2020

Anupreksha and Siddhesh came to Antano and Harini because they recognized that they needed something more than weekly tests and regular medication to conceive. We can’t believe a year has passed already since Anupreksha became a first-time mother. It reminds us of the timeless than a year and a half ago when Anupreksha came to

December 17, 2020

When somebody has excruciating pain for a decade, the real problem is not just the pain but how their life and life experiences become so limited, and in addition to that, it also causes frustration, emotional outbursts, and irritations that tend to spill over into their relationships. They are compelled to build their entire life

December 17, 2020

This ‘Before-After’ of Ventakeswarlu is inspiring and special. At the age of 72, he gets to know about Antano and Harini and decides to Launch his Legacy. Being the driven Individual he is, he hadn’t left any stones unturned. He has been exposed to various techniques, workshops, and coaches in his quest to overcome limiting

December 17, 2020

Rakesh grew up with big dreams. However, he wasn’t able to realize his dreams as fast and as powerfully as he wanted to. Something kept him back for 7-8 years. He had a lot of ideas, talents, and skills but was unable to channelize them and bring them to light. He had lost dear ones

December 17, 2020

Dr. Smita was at a stage in her life where she had to sort out baggage from the past that was having an impact on her and also was passing on to her daughter. Within just 6 days she got over all the fears that she was carrying for many years and acquired superior capabilities

December 17, 2020

Sometimes we confine ourselves and become satisfied with what we do within those boundaries due to challenges, mindsets, and limitations that we think we can never overcome. But, what if those boundaries are broken for you and you suddenly become capable of evolving your personal excellence at an accelerated pace, witness unprecedented breakthroughs in every