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Natural Authority is a capability that will not only make you the ‘Go-To Person’ for your family, you will also start noticing the kind of trust, relatability and comfort amongst your colleagues, thus making you a Natural Leader at the workplace as well!

You may have heard of our super cool installations-enabled event called ‘Conversational Programming’ – that gives you unique leverage in overcoming bottlenecks, resolving conflicts, attracting the right talent, mentors, and having everyone completely aligned to your Legacy Vision. But, did you know that Natural Authority is a pre-requisite for both, Influence and Conversational Programming?

A Butterfly flapping its wings somewhere can lead to a Hurricane. What would it mean, for you, to enhance your Natural Authority? What are some of the most important areas in your life, where being the stamp of informal yet Natural Authority can lead to meaningful interactions, layered relationships, love and influence, helping you inch closer to your unique and very special Legacy!

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Joshua Samuel

Core Team Member, Antano & Harini

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