Family Evolution

FastTrack Legacy + Core Capabilities of Excellence Installations

The all-in-one for Family Evolution. If you can dream it, you can do it with Excellence Installation Technology. It’s beautifully designed, incredibly intuitive, and packed with powerful tools that let you take any individual to the next level.

The FastTrack Legacy helps you Launch Your Legacy in 2 - 3 years instead of 10 or 20.

And the cutting-edge EIT Education elevates the experience in every way, with faster evolution mapping and installation context, in-field apprenticeship and diagnostics residency, enhanced visual and auditory calibration, and an even more Time Compressed Launch Your Legacy journey.

It’s the EIT Apprenticeship that does it all — better and faster than ever. 

A&H Social Commit

Get up to $7000 towards a new Registration

Just commit in your 250 Hour availability for enlisted social activities with A&H. It’s good for you and the society.

Frequent, Immersive, 
Iterative Evolution Cycles,
And Real Time Implementations. See checkout for diagnostics and consultations dates.

Get Onboarded
with a 50K Registration 
And pay over time, interest-free when you choose Easy Monthly Installments.

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