March 6, 2023

To uncover the secret of Time-Compression, with which Antano & Harini get driven individuals to launch a unique legacy within 2 years instead of 20 or more, a journalist associated with one of country’s leading newspapers, Deccan Chronicle, made her way to the much talked about the Close The Deal Like A Pro event, 2021.

February 9, 2023

A Step Towards Your Legacy, starts Today! Watch the video to know how you can reorganize your life, and reorient your core directives in a way that each day, you take a significant step towards your legacy! Because LEGACY within 2 years and not 20, is a dream that is not even conceivable for people

February 4, 2023

Do you help the people in your life GROW? If yes, what is the most important superior capability for you to have and some of the important mindsets and distinctions that will make you a powerful, responsible CHANGE-MAKER who is leagues apart? If you want to Become a Master at Influencing and Evolving people rapidy

February 4, 2023

In this video, Antano gives psychological insight into how to build unstoppable self-confidence, where he explains a powerful technique to boost self-confidence without struggling which creates a way for you and everyone to Launch a Legacy that stays forever. Want to Launch Your Legacy in 2 years, not 20? Explore the A&H Fast Track Membership:

February 4, 2023

In this video, a participant asked Antano about Parenting and how to raise her child as a world champion? And Antano gives her clarity about parenting responsibilities and the common mistake to avoid in Parenting which will improve her parenting skills and help her successfully raise her child as a world champion. If you want

February 4, 2023

One of the most important qualities of leaders is to move people from uncertainty to certainty. They are able to do this with their prospects in order to make them customers. They are able to do it with their team members to make them congruent about their vision. This skill is practically invaluable for entrepreneurs

February 3, 2023

Jyoti Garodia, a businesswoman who recently attended the “Close The Deal like a Pro! Diagnostics and Implementations” event. And we did 2 of the most important adjustments that are absolutely necessary for her at this point in her life. And as a result, she was able to find the right talent and close the right

January 30, 2023

Why Launch Your Legacy in Compressed Time? The Legacy Accelerators Antano Solar & Harini Ramachandran, discuss: How you can Launch Your Legacy in Compressed Time. What is the significance of personal excellence? And how you can achieve more in less time by strategically evolving your capabilities.  If you want to Launch your legacy in 2

January 25, 2023

Antano & Harini are constantly able to look at an individual and look beyond what they have come for and open several days in their life. And their combination of insight and precise installations helps in Launching a Legacy in Compressed Time. If you want to Accelerate your Success and Launch your Legacy in 2

January 25, 2023

This one thing can cut your learning time by 90%. It’s is what children do, it is what our neurology is designed to do so naturally, it is called ‘mirroring states’. What are some states that you can master that makes life more beautiful and exciting… Want to develop innate mastery and Launch Your Legacy