What is the difference between being an A&H member and being a uP! participant?

Be an A&H Member to:

  1. Have personal access to Antano & Harini with one-on-one consultations every 3-5 months
  2. Get access to uP! with Antano & Harini
  3. Unlimited Access to uP! events for the next 2 years
  4. Get Master Classes that Antano & Harini do in a group of 6-10 people, focusing on a particular topic that matters to you!
  5. Get access to Genius in Action and Charisma Intensification that happen in Thailand, evolve super human capabilities to learn & influence and become the kind of person that can attract talent & resources and get people to flock to you.
  6. Get access to Conversational Programming Excellence (also called Coaching Excellence) and evolve incredible skills in influence and shifting mindsets, super-duper fast!

And much, much more!

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