Have you experienced an Anxiety attack? And the stress that comes with anxiety? Have you been wondering how to overcome anxiety?

There are different types of anxiety and huge mental health impacts that come along with long periods of grappling or suffering from anxiety. Anticipatory anxiety is one such type of anxiety that makes you anxiously wait, imagine hypothetical situations, and constantly worry about the future. This anticipatory anxiety causes stress and other challenges even before the actual situation arrives. In this video, watch Ishaan Sarkar permanently getting relief and freedom from anxiety and instead, using his time to now evolve himself much faster, without having to go through a draining and overwhelming ritual every day.

A typical participant gets 40 breakthroughs in their Launch Your Legacy journey even if some of them are habits, behaviors, or involuntary response that has limited them for decades. We have shown the outcomes of ALL of this coming together in our time compression stories and before-after. But what about these individual breakthroughs – can decade-long challenges be solved within minutes? In these 7 minutes of information and education videos from real-life validated results, we show you the breakthroughs A&H created for an individual within minutes.

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December 31, 2023
July 19, 2023
February 27, 2023

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