During Covid19, several doctors brought to our attention that there were a lot of patients who in spite of taking medication, were not responding to medication and their condition was deteriorating rapidly. There are many factors as to why this happens. And one of them is psychosomatic – extensive stress, anxiety, fear, and tension the patient undergoes even if they are sedated for medical treatment.

Since the wave was getting to its peak when we got this information from our Doctor community, we had to deploy our initiative ‘A&H Covid Support’ at war speed – within 48 hours.

We had a team of over 50 people who had worked on non-critical psychosomatic conditions in the past, we came up with the innovative idea of reskilling and deploying these individuals for emergency covid work using the John Grinder/Carmen Bostic’s revolutionary Neuro Lingstuic Procedure procedure for Covid Recovery along with Excellence Installation Technology.

The biggest challenge was these experts had never been exposed to medical crisis situations. As a management, we not only had to reskill them but also to bring in Distributed leadership across regions so that these non-medical professionals can perform with emotional stability and speed like a paramedic, consistently, day and night for months together. To achieve this, we established leaders including a team of doctors with leadership skills to effectively lead and guide this team of experts to deliver what they have never been prepared for within 48 hours. This also ensured the safety of these experts who we call A&H Covid Warriors. They were able to perform under pressure, even in critical situations where patients were in ICU, in severe panic, and oxygen levels dropping rapidly.

867 Lives that could have been lost to Covid, have been saved with direct A&H COVID SUPPORT from all over India. And thousands of others were taught this procedure within networks like Rotary and other establishments informally by the A&H COVID Warriors.

For Covid patients, the majority reported relief from severe symptoms within 24 hours and for some, within 4 hours and renowned doctors themselves referred their patients to A&H Covid Support which is taken strictly only in addition to all medical support.

All the A&H Covid Support warriors worked 24×7 to provide support to patients, even the ICU patients in BiPAP support. And close to 100% of people have come out of the critical situation

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