Transcending from Comfort Zone to Launching Multiple Legacies in Record Time | Tina's Journey

From a Middle Manager role to a Director and Asia Pacific Head at one of the Big Four companies in just 4 Years, this is the incredible journey of Srikant Prathi, who with the Power of Excellence Installations was able to Compress 25 Years to 4 years and transform himself into a global leader, becoming financially secure, socially confident, with a clear and heightened sense of purpose in both career and personal life. Today, Srikanth Prathi is able to spend more time with his family as well as pursue and excel in multiple arts with ease and effortless bravado. More importantly, the project of his heart – to become an Angel Investor was uncovered in the SuP!r Life Directives event with Antano & Harini, and from scratch, Srikanth Prathi built the necessary skills to become a phenomenal investor and went on to invest in several companies, out of which, three companies then gave him stellar returns in a matter of just one year! And this effectively allowed Srikanth Prathi to achieve Financial Freedom, where he can now retire and live a life with continued bliss, anytime he chooses.

And this is just one of the countless stories of Legacy from the ecosystem of Antano & Harini, where driven and deterministic individuals seeking to get to the next level in their lives, build the superior capabilities and develop their predictive intelligence to enable their acceleration to Success in all frontiers – Business, Health, Family, Personal well-being to rise astronomically in Record Time!

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March 11, 2024
January 24, 2024
January 20, 2024

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