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On The RISE: EIT Incubated Business

August 23, 2023

For the longest, haven’t we all been curious about Excellence Installations & EIT-enabled Businesses? 

There have been so many speculations around this disruption. Is it just an extension to Neuro-Linguistic Programming or is it a way to shift someone’s state instantly? What exactly is this phenomenon of Excellence Installations? 

Now, the truth is out – and not just for committed A&H Members, but for the rest of the world to see! 

EIT-Enabled Businesses Gaining Steam 

This special story by Entrepreneur India, unveils the scope and potential of Excellence Installations, especially EIT-Incubated businesses in the field of Psychosomatic Health, Family Relationships, Fertility, and Academics, amongst others. And the possibilities are simply awe-inspiring! 

Today, do you realise how easy it is to walk into a clinic, a hospital, a school, a coaching centre etc. What couldn’t even be conceived at one point, has become part and parcel of our everyday lives. 

And that is one of the possible scenarios we envision, as part of our crusade to make Excellence a Birthright for the 8 Billion People across the world

Now imagine, every man, woman, kid, being able to just walk into an “Excellence Centre” and walk out with advanced and true-to-your-rarity behaviour & choices! 

Imagine completely eradicating mediocrity from the lives of people! 

Imagine a world where everyone is driven from within to make the most excellent choices, because excellence is no longer what they strive for but instead, who they are! Because they are equipped with Excellence, with Intuition that learns, with Predictive Intelligence

Long ago, there was an era of IQ. Thinkers, wise people, researchers witnessed the shortcomings of sole focus on IQ and that led to the era of EQ. We believe it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the era of Predictive Intelligence. 

With Antano & Harini’s Excellence Installations sprawling and growing in leaps and bounds, we are curious to witness what becomes possible, as each and every individual is equipped with Predictive Intelligence in all aspects of life – thus raising the bar of excellence on their Business, Health, Family & Legacy! And all this predictive intelligence flows together, amalgamates, to help the world get rid of war, crimes, other evils and instead, build a better world for everyone! 

The question is, how do you see yourself being part of this Revolution! How ready are you to take your Predictive Intelligence & Installation Skills to emerge as a true pioneer in the world! 

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Launch your Legacy in 2-3 Years, Not 10 or 20.

Flourishing in your Business, Health, Family, Legacy - All together Simultaneously using Excellence Installation Technology