Parents sometimes worry about how their children are picking up certain characteristics and traits that are not desirable, including challenges such as ADHD, Depression…

How can you as a Parent help inculcate better mindsets, behaviors, and habits – consciously and unconsciously?

The truth is, MOST behaviors and characteristics are LEARNED behaviors, learned characteristics… not every bit of this is what you’re ‘born’ with.

Humans are incredible Learners! Much more than we give credit for! Now if Children are picking up useful AND unuseful things by ‘Learning’… who are they learning from?

Could they be ‘Learning’ from the parents?

In this video below, Dr. Kanak Ramnani, one of the most dedicated and talented pediatricians, expresses the challenges she sees parents face with their children… And Antano talks about some of the Dangerous UnConscious Patterns that we parents demonstrate that have an undesirable negative effect on Children…

How can you be a better parent? Watch this eye-opening 18min video that introduces you to the ‘inside’ of what is really happening and how you can change!

Every word, every question, every thought – has an Influence on people around, especially if you are a parent, you are consciously or unconsciously influencing so much! Your targeted Personal Evolution, as you get over some accumulated fears, embarrassment, hesitation, guilt, worry, anxiety, anger, etc. and as you develop Superior Predictive Intelligence, you find that not only your own Child but your Entire Ecosystem BLOSSOMS because of who you are becoming and the Impact you are now able to create with Awareness and Innate Superior Capabilities.

Parents Become Installation Genius (B!G) often to take charge of their own Family Evolution, because creating B!G Impact, starts with your own Family! And after all, your Family is your First Legacy! This year, consider enhancing and enriching your capabilities to Evolve and Grow rapidly in your Business, Health, Family, and Legacy. All Together, Simultaneously. And Excellence Installations could be your fastest vehicle! Well, you know it is! Get on it, as swiftly as you can because the time has arrived.

Learn how to use presuppositions and evolve your family and overcome seemingly impossible challenges. Become Installation Genius:

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February 27, 2023
February 27, 2023
February 4, 2023

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