The beginning of ​​growing together instead of growing apart.

Accessing the mind of a Genius. You. Evolving at an unprecedented pace. Your Family. Evolving with you, growing together instead of growing apart. That is the prerequisite, the beginning, after which point you can truly immerse and rivet your attention on being the Game-Changer!

In this video, Antano delves into the concept of “Accessing the mind of a Genius”, a superior state of mind, and how it can lead to enhanced performance and breakthroughs.

A superior state of mind is a unique state that is specific to a particular task or activity and allows you to process information faster and more accurately than normal. This state can be seen in various fields such as cricket, sniping, and military training. Geniuses in these fields naturally get into this superior state when they are performing their respective activities. For example, in cricket, seasoned players are able to see the ball moving slower than it appears to the average person, allowing them to hit it better. Similarly, snipers get into an altered state where the target appears closer than it actually is, allowing them to take a more accurate shot.

Explore how you can tap into this state and achieve greatness in your field by learning the art of Installations. Become Installation Genius now and Create BiG Impact in the world, starting with your own family.

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August 23, 2023
March 6, 2023
March 4, 2023

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