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12 months ago

Anupreksha improved her Relationship with her husband & conceived 1 week after uP!

We can’t believe a year has passed already since Anupreksha became a first-time mother. It reminds us of the timeless than a year and a half ago when Anupreksha came to us with hope in her eyes and completely candid about her difficulty in conceiving. Here she is today, a satisfied proud mother, happy wife, a doting elder sister, and a thriving businesswoman taking forward her father’s legacy and bringing in new dimensions.

Anupreksha and Siddhesh came to Antano and Harini because they recognized that they needed something more than weekly tests and regular medication to conceive. They had to work on their careers, limiting emotions, unconscious priorities, internal conflicts, and strengthen their relationship, allowing room for more emotional intimacy.

During the first consultation with Antano and Harini, several patterns became evident and Antano and Harini knew in their heart that they can help Anupreksha create an ecosystem internally and externally that would naturally help her conceive and have a healthy baby.

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