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12 months ago

Abhilasha: Excruciating pain and Strained Relationships to a Deeply Fulfilling Life

When somebody has excruciating pain for a decade, the real problem is not just the pain but how their life and life experiences become so limited, and in addition to that, it also causes frustration, emotional outbursts, and irritations that tend to spill over into their relationships. They are compelled to build their entire life around managing the pain. Abhilasha was suffering from severe cervical pain for 11 years. She tried to solve it medically many times but the condition remained unresolved and become worse over the years. It restricted her quality of life to the extent that she couldn’t carry her own baby. In addition to that, the temperament issues that both Abhilasha and Gaurav (her husband) had, was coming in the way of strengthening their relationship. Being short-tempered also affected other relationships in her life. She overcame the pain that she had for 11 years within just 6 days at uP!. Antano and Harini also equipped her and Gaurav with installations that magically changed the equation they shared. The freedom from the pain is allowing her to do so much more with her life and has allowed her to enhance her own personal excellence tremendously. Today, Abhilasha is extremely grateful to Antano and Harini for transforming her health, relationships, and life. And in two years of being a part of the Legacy Acceleration community, both Abhilasha and Gaurav are continuing to progress in every phase of their life blissfully.

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