This ‘Before-After’ of Ventakeswarlu is inspiring and special. At the age of 72, he gets to know about Antano and Harini and decides to Launch his Legacy. Being the driven Individual he is, he hadn’t left any stones unturned. He has been exposed to various techniques, workshops, and coaches in his quest to overcome limiting emotions, beliefs, mindsets, and memories that stopped him from living his life the way he wanted it to be. However, all of them had a temporary impact or short-lived feel-good factor that didn’t sustain.

Because of cultural conditioning, Venkateswarlu was confused about the creation of wealth and if it was morally the right thing to do. He lost his parents at a very young age and grew up all by himself because of which he had bad memories, identity issues, and unresolved emotional baggage. Inspite of all of this, he managed to create a decent life for himself. But he knew that his quality of life can be WAY BETTER. He didn’t want anything less than EXCELLENCE. And that’s how he found Antano and Harini. Within 7 months of meeting Antano and Harini, the quality of his life and emotional freedom he now has is unparalleled.

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March 11, 2024
January 24, 2024
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