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12 months ago

Rakesh Transformed his life and Launched his Legacy

Rakesh grew up with big dreams. However, he wasn’t able to realize his dreams as fast and as powerfully as he wanted to. Something kept him back for 7-8 years. He had a lot of ideas, talents, and skills but was unable to channelize them and bring them to light. He had lost dear ones in his life and was battling with memories that were troubling him. Somewhere down the line, his dreams were almost getting buried and that’s when he decided to meet Antano & Harini along with his wife to travel the Legacy Journey together. For Rakesh to Launch his Legacy, he had to become happier, overcome bad memories from the past, quit years of chain-smoking, strengthen his relationships, and acquire Superior Capabilities. And all of this happened in less than 7 months which otherwise could have taken 10-15 years. Antano and Harini helped him unearth his dreams and fulfil them in COMPRESSED TIME.

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Launch your Legacy in 2-3 Years, Not 10 or 20.

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