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Building Legacies Beyond Monetary Value

March 6, 2023

To uncover the secret of Time-Compression, with which Antano & Harini get driven individuals to launch a unique legacy within 2 years instead of 20 or more, a journalist associated with one of country’s leading newspapers, Deccan Chronicle, made her way to the much talked about the Close The Deal Like A Pro event, 2021.

Aren’t we conventionally tricked into thinking Closing Deals is only for sales people or business development execs? That was when Antano brought to her attention that Closing The Right Deal, at the Right Value, and at the Right Time, while establishing the Right Relationship with people is the difference that makes all the difference. It’s the secret that can significantly time-compress LEGACY Outcomes!

And when you really think about it, isn’t it so true! Launching A Legacy is such an ecosystem-driven outcome as well. When you pursue, whole-heartedly, Your Unique Legacy, you will have to Close life’s significant deals with the people from all walks of life. Such as, the Right Mentors, the Top Talent, Investors, Regulators, people who are influential in your desired industry, your family & loved ones, and so much more!

Needless to mention, the journalist from Deccan Chronicle got super fascinated to uncover the what all possibilities open up once a person evolves to be naturally good at closing deals. Read her full story where she has uncovered the truth behind Close The Deal Like A Pro, LIVE with Antano & Harini.

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Launch your Legacy in 2-3 Years, Not 10 or 20.

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