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5 months ago

How Bindu Cherungath made 28 Lakhs within 8 months

Within a few months after uP!, Bindu quit the personal & business relationships that were draining her life for over 15 years. From that, came more joy and accelerated growth in every aspect of her life. And just 9 months into her A&H journey, she has already launched two brands successfully, one in training & consulting and the other, that plans to revive the fascination the youth of the country has with extremely diverse Indian culture! She has already bagged 28 lakhs of deals within just 2 months of starting uP! as opposed to the 22 lakhs she used to make in the whole year in her previous business. She gratefully exclaims, “A&H have compressed 15-20 years of my life into 1 year”..

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