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12 months ago

Tina’s journey from confined boundaries to unlimited possibilities within 7 months

Sometimes we confine ourselves and become satisfied with what we do within those boundaries due to challenges, mindsets, and limitations that we think we can never overcome. But, what if those boundaries are broken for you and you suddenly become capable of evolving your personal excellence at an accelerated pace, witness unprecedented breakthroughs in every sphere of life and acquire superior capabilities that allow you to achieve new heights in compressed time? Tina told Antano and Harini that she was finding it difficult to prioritize herself and her growth amidst the other responsibilities she holds. She worked with her husband in their family business and managed backend work. She confined herself to that role and began to become comfortable there. She says “She wasn’t ready to gear up and go in the front”. And so, she limited herself from exploring bigger opportunities for her business and herself because of her inability to sell. In her own words, she says “Sales is not my cup of tea”. But just 3-5 months into the journey she started noticing profound shifts in her mindset, her ability to learn, and her elevated states of mind that led to her breaking all the boundaries she had set for herself and then went on to take ownership and immerse into business-critical roles with clarity and zeal. She is now in an accelerated path to success.

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