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Why ‘awareness’ alone is not enough? A smoker ignores the warning written on the pack, throws caution to the wind, quite literally, while painting the sky grey. Why? Because Patterns Are Biochemical in Nature and Awareness alone doesn’t lead to transformations.

A transformation, thus, needs to be powerful enough to reverse the biochemical process and instead, equip human neurology to produce a distinguished concoction of exhilaration, drive, joy, happiness, and something even more amazing! And as a result of blissfully growing after the transformation, a person would also be greeted with key insights, in hindsight.

Thus, while transformations are inclusive of insights, insights may not necessarily lead to transformations. Furthermore, transformations with time lead to rapid capability development. Developing one capability, in whichever context, opens doors to so many more capabilities that are built on top of it.

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Joshua Samuel

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