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April 3, 2018

Converting Innate Potential into Real Superior Capabilities

“If anyone can walk on water, so can you” – John Grinder

At the outset, that might sound like a motivational quote. ‘You can do it’, yaaayyy! But wait! I’m referring to something deeper here. We are talking about a Capability, here. What John Grinder intends to convey in that quote, is if any human being has ever walked on water, it means, you too, have the innate ‘potential’ to walk on water. But that does not mean you can or you will! It takes an Evolution of Innate Potential to Innate Capability to make it a reality for you too. Specific targeted Superior Capabilities, can Change the Trajectory of an individual’s life, in compressed time.

Innate Potential to Superior Capabilities

When you are born, there’s no stamp on your forehead that reads ‘artist’, ‘engineer’, ‘CEO of Apple’ etc. You are born plain human. It is your environment, exposure, upbringing, life choices, and a series of experiences that makes you ‘capable’, which means, you are able to ‘do’ things, like actually do them.

This is why the formative years of exposure a child gets, the extra curricular activities, sports, effective leadership at home, creating a safe ecosystem where the child can express his/her feelings, leadership positions in school, participating in a variety of different competitions and activities, each develops various parts of the brain, and converts innate potential into potential capabilities. Further, on having exposure to certain situations, the potential capabilities are tested and having multiple challenging situations pushes the capability levels higher and higher, each time, producing proof points of the capability developed.

Think about the first ever time you were asked to speak in front of a group of people, maybe way back in school. Starts very early with recitation competitions, where you learn by heart, some stories or poems and recite it with expressions and actions! Assuming 60 out of 60 children in a class were given the same opportunity, some would naturally outperform, whilst some others would forget and struggle and deal with post- bad performance trauma of embarrassment. For the child who had a good experience, series of more exposure to such speaking events, each with a little more level of difficulty than the previous, the child is bound to grow into a confident speaker, expressive and bold.

On the other hand, the child that didn’t perform well in the first instance or in one of the instances to follow, is likely to have two possibilities that could happen – either they would dwell in misery, feel embarrassed and take a call never to do it again, and if forced to do more of it, would develop anxiety, nervousness, sweating etc. that could get worse each time. Sometimes, some of these children, may naturally overcome the challenge with some pep talk or trigger, they are lucky if this happens. But otherwise, this is a situation, where the child needs help early on. He/she needs an Installation.

Instead of saying ‘I can’t do this’ and ‘I can’t do that’, one must ‘fix’ personal limitations and not just focus on the strengths. Let’s say there’s a person who has become a fine software engineer who maybe a natural at coding, and even lands in a fine job. In order for him to go up the ladder, him being the best software engineer isn’t going to suffice. He has to learn to connect with people, be an inspirational leader, predict and manage conflicts effectively, and a variety of other Superior Capabilities. He can’t afford to hold himself back, or limit himself based on past unsuccessful encounters in the areas outside of his comfort zone. Likewise, someone who wants to Start uP!, set up a business or freelance venture on their own, cannot survive or thrive by only having technical expertise or finesse in their own area of mastery. One has to build Superior Capabilities, to complete their individual rarity. Capabilities that are a pre-requisite to Personal Genius.

Some of the Superior Capabilities for Personal Genius are:

UnConscious Assimilation – the ability to learn fast from a model of excellence, from a genius. In layman’s words, it is the ability to assimilate their skills, by just being around them, and observing what they do, and becoming so good at the skill, even without knowing conscious ‘how’ to do it. For example, a Good student of music, can listen to a complex song sung by a Genius, and replicate it to a high level of precision, in a short period of time. This is the single superior capability that most versatile and true artists have, the geniuses of the highest order, that truly sets them in that league.

Disassociation – The ability to step out of being ‘in time’ and looking at a situation from a third person’s perspective. It also refers to the ability to have empathy and connect, but without getting affected by people and their states of mind.

Triple Perceptual position – Having a continuous intuition of what the other person thinks, feels, and the ability to with a high level of accuracy predict how one would react or take to a particular situation. Seamless flow between first position, second position and third position based on the context, gives a person a more and more accurate representation of the world, richer experiences and faster learning.

Sensory Acuity – To hear the unsaid, to see the unseen (or commonly missed), to look beyond and allow your senses to give you more information about a particular situation than it usually does for an ‘ordinary’ person. Geniuses continue to improve their sensory acuity immersing in various activities that naturally create a context to push the senses to a high level of perception.

Language Sensitivity – To understand the Role and Impact of Language on people and use it effectively to influence is one of the greatest Superior Capabilities.

UnConscious Rapport – To connect with people at a deeper, not superficial level, even if they aren’t you’re kind of people.

Flexibility – The flexibility to Shift from one state of mind to another, is a high level of mastery. A real deep superior capability. To just be able to park aside one’s own finickiness, water tight compartments of who ‘I’ and just be. Like how water takes on the form of the container that is holding it. Bruce Lee gives one of the most fascinating explanations and demonstration of Flexibility in this video here.

Systemic Thinking – “Systemic thinking is the ability to understand the combined effect of various complex systems working together. The ability to understand the functional output of every single component including its impact and load on the other elements of the systems.” – Antano Solar John. For example, A CEO requires systemic thinking to accurately understand the complex dynamics of the otherwise intangible effects of the various departments and also equips him to make judgements and decisions can bring about exponential shifts with minor corrections and adjustments.

A father requires systemic thinking to understand the balance in his dealing with his daughter to ensure the correct effect of his behaviours on the character development and emotional intelligence of the child. A wife who appreciates systemic thinking will build the home she moves into without compromising on her own development that becomes essential for her as well as the development of character, emotional independence and happiness of her children. Without systemic thinking you could be solving a minor problem and creating a bigger problem somewhere else and not know about it even after it hits you.

Enhanced Filters – The ability to detect and reject unuseful beliefs, thoughts, states of mind on-demand, even from authorities. A doctor could say, ‘This person can never walk again. Or… 6 Months is the maximum life span he can have, with such a cancer’. If one gets influenced by this, then, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But there are plenty of cases, where these ‘facts’ have been outdone by simply enhancing one’s own unconscious filters.

These are some of the many Superior Capabilities, one must develop. Ofcourse, there are varying levels of depth in each of them, and several crucial variables. The art is in identifying exactly, what superior capabilities right now for you, can give you a breakthrough in your life, and create a shift in trajectory. Arriving at this precise diagnosis is what encompasses the Framework of the Technology of Excellence Installation. Specific targeted changes in you now, can create a butterfly effect in your life. But the question is, which ones? And how?

The Way Forward – Superior Capabilities Installation

An installation can happen by chance when you give yourself sufficient exposure to things you are currently unable to do. A more systematic, effective and targeted way to go about Evolving your Personal Excellence and developing Superior Capabilities, is to get Excellence Installations. At uP! specifically, focus is on 3 Kinds of Superior Capabilities Installation:

1. Removing the Pebbles in your Shoes

Let’s say you want to climb Mount Everest. Or you want to run a marathon. What would happen, if there are pebbles in your shoes. Sometimes, they can be small pebbles or fine sand. One might get used to the inconvenience, and use focus, will-power etc. But for real fine performance, you want to ensure that the feet have a good, fair chance. The easiest and most obvious thing to do, that most people miss out on, is to Remove the Pebbles in the shoes. This is one of the most important pre-requisites to Accelerated Success.

Having pebbles in the shoes can not only hurt you in the long run, it can slow you down, and possibly get you to give up before you reach your destination, and you may not even know why! Some times, there are invisible speed breakers. And if you Don’t have pebbles in your shoes, and instead have Superior Capabilities, you could overcome those invisible, unexpected and unwelcome speed breakers as well, with finesse and fast, and with least damage.

Examples of pebbles in shoes that people tend to be dealing with on a day to day basis:

  • Emotional outbursts – Anger,
  • Frustration, Boredom
  • Lack of Clarity, being lost
  • Fear of uncertainty, darkness, failure, losses
  • Phobias of heights, dogs, airplanes, closed spaces, reptiles etc. (and I call this a pebble in the shoe because at a brain pattern level, when people have a phobia, they tend to be limited in other areas too, although they may have little or no conscious awareness of it)
  • Bad memories / Baggage from the past
  • Relationship challenges
  • Internal conflicts and dilemma
  • Unable to express, stand up for oneself
  • Unable to do the right thing, even know you are self-aware and know what to do
  • Health challenges – migraine, back ache, fatigue, low energy, low stamina, excessive acidity, obesity (if you have tried to medically address it and it is still not addressed, you can almost be sure these issues are psychosomatic. It’s a signal of some areas in your life that needs an immediate fix)
  • Anxiety, stress, unhappiness

The solution to removing the above pebbles is not sitting through a motivational lecture or training programs or a try a bunch of techniques to get rid of them. The real solution is to identify effectively which ones could be a signal from within of something that needs your attention, a communication of something deeper, and which ones are just a bad habit that you need to change.

Sometimes, what you think of is a problem, could actually be valuable information/signal from the sub-conscious about some pattern in your life that needs to be addressed. You Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Instead, you listen to what it is saying, and Fix the problem properly. The insight of how to do this is something Experts study at in Excellence Installation Specialization. You could tap into this network to get a personalized consultation for you or request the services of Antano & Harini at uP! to help effectively remove the pebbles in your shoes, without affecting the ecology of your ecosystem, for sustained and Accelerated Success.

2. Installation of Superior Capabilities

Whilst removing pebbles in the shoes is non-negotiable and absolutely integral, in parallel, evolving Superior Capabilities progressively is extremely important. Infact, evolving a Capability is one of the most difficult things, quoted even by several young and upcoming achievers such as Colin Wright, who intact explain Importance of developing a Capability, and answering the much asked Skill vs Capability question.

The methods used in Installation of Capabilities could be story telling (but not any story), but a story with a specific structure, delivered a particular way in a targeted manner, specially designed activities that build targeted capabilities and activities post that to allow for generalisation of the generation of the new capabilities, across contexts. Both these methods are effective and extensively used in Excellence Installations. The uP! Program by Antano & Harini is one that focuses on all three aspects – Removing pebbles in the shoes, installation of targeted superior capabilities as well as making strategic adjustments to succeed on auto-pilot.

3. Strategic Adjustments to Succeed on Auto-pilot

Personal development has to be strategic in nature and most importantly, aligned to your long-term outcomes or where do you ‘ideally’ want to be in your life. The ATC model is an example of a strategic model for Personal Excellence. Overnight, you can’t become a genius. The series of personal adjustments made each time, and on a periodic basis, must be in the direction of a long-term outcome of where you want to be in life. These adjustments include fixing limiting beliefs, evolving your patterns of thinking, outlook and orchestrate acceleration in your results by creating an environment for ‘generalization’ and ‘spontaneous generation of new behaviors, beliefs and habits’ aligned to your larger outcomes in life, thinking long term.

You know that any good plan entails immediate results, and sustained long terms strategic outcomes. That’s the formula for Real, Accelerated Success. Superior Capabilities, not motivational lectures. Superior capabilities, not mere certifications. Superior capabilities, not just awareness. Superior Capabilities expands unconscious choice and the quality of decisions you make each moment, setting you up for solid Success, in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

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