CTD: Close The Deal Like a Pro!
Who do you ‘Become’ when you are a 'Natural' at CTD

An absolute essential for getting the right value in the right frequency with the right people,  and establishing the right relationship across every aspect of your life. CTD is the shortest way for you to close THE MOST significant deal of your life, be it: Finding the right business partner, raising investment, inculcating the right set of values to your kids or resolving lifelong conflicts with family and spouse. In only 2-Days, you walk back with Creativity, Vigour, and On-Demand Peak-Performance installed, to perceive and seize hidden opportunities present all around.

CTD Diagnostics & Implementations
Personal Evolution that you require to find hidden diamonds and take hold of them

Actionable Clarity
Become confident, comfortable and consistent like a natural in days and not years

A&H  Installations
2-Day High Impact installation event focused on Discovering and Closing THE deal

Unique Edge
Closing the right deals, charting your way to the Blue Oceans, Multiplying the PIE for everyone

A&H Installations
Close The Deal Capabilities...

With Excellence Installations, Antano and Harini have a proven track record of changing the ‘core’ nature of over 12,000 participants, by adding dimensions of excellence, personalised to their unique context - existing strengths and capabilities, while bridging the gaps caused by limitations and perceived weaknesses.

A&H Installations at Close THE Deal precisely target Mindset Shifts and belief changes, yielding unique frames that you can operate from to win yourself the right deals at the right value and at the right time, again and again and again. With Installations working at the core, you find yourself innately driven and naturally equipped to find the right deals and close it like a pro. In this event, you don't have to be limited by your past experience; Instead, you instead go back with a mindset and superior capabilities installed to close newer deals with a unique positioning that you haven't yet discovered.

CTD Diagnostics & Implementation
Finding Hidden Diamonds

Everything is connected to everything. The CTD Diagnostics, find that elusive barrier from every aspect of your life, which when resolved accelerates your business deals and vice-versa.

CTD diagnostics is entirely EIT enabled; powered by Predictive Intelligence, it leverages the cutting-edge ATC methodology, to identify every enhancement possible at this juncture in your life to go through the evolution necessary for you to find and close the right deals at the right time and at the right value.

The diagnostics identify the mindset, beliefs and impediments and map them to installation procedure that can help you overcome decades of limitation within minutes and notice invisible diamonds to accelerate your life. These diagnostics are completed by EIT Specialists who then follow it up with installations and implementations. 

Actionable Clarity & Unique Edge
Multiplying the PIE for Everyone...

Conventionally, the successful average is caught in the rut of having a share of a proverbial yet ‘finite’ pie. Impact Creators envisage and conjure up opportunities out of thin air, changing the course of lose-lose outcomes by Identifying and Structuring Win-Win possibilities. With the fine blend of a Charismatic Personality and the Art of Framing, they secure getting agreements where other stakeholders would have otherwise seen a roadblock instead of an unprecedented opportunity!

CTD: Close the Deal like a Pro! is super-packed.

- Actionable Clarity,

- Strategic Personal Adjustments

- Innate mindset shifts

- Capabilities and Changes from the CTD Diagnostics

- Implementation and A&H Installations

With all this, you find yourself collaboratively closing deals from a Strategic Vantage Point. One that makes it infinitely more powerful, easy and effective.

And you know what the end game looks like?
You’ve not only closed a deal for yourself. But You’ve Multiplied PIE for Everyone…