An outcome that would have otherwise taken a staggering 10 years or more, Sriram Kumar catapulted from being a Manager to a Partner in a B!G 4 Company in just 5 years!

The Trailblazing story of Shriram began when he attended uP! with his ask to become a powerful communicator and fast-track his promotion.

As soon he started the journey, asExcellence Installations began to take root in him, Shriram started to observe that people began to automatically seek him for his opinions, delegating important high-stakes tasks and decisions to him. Shririam began to rapidly evolve into a natural leader and soon became the go-to person for his family and colleagues.

Now, with his credibility naturally building and his charisma intensifying, Shriram quickly began to ascend the corporate ladder almost immediately and in just 5 Years, he went on from being a Manager to Senior Manager to Director to Executive Director to Partner in Record-Time!

Now, cue the fireworks! Shriram is practically bursting with excitement because guess what? His 10-year-old son is gearing up for the uP! adventure. It’s like creating the superhero cape for the next generation! With Superior Capabilities installed from a tender age, soaking in the genius vibes of top achievers, Shriram’s mini-me is stepping into a playground of endless possibilities and infinite opportunities.

Shriram originally came to A&H wanting to evolve himself into a Power Communicator, and fast-track his promotion, and now the magic of Excellence Installations has not just bestowed him with magnetic charisma and accelerated his career to unimaginable levels in Compressed Time among numerous other outcomes, Excellence Installations has also permeated to his family, naturally and beautifully!

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March 11, 2024
January 24, 2024
January 20, 2024

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