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February 4, 2017

What is Excellence Installation Technology?

Antano & Harini identify and make targeted adjustments in an individual that allows for an him/her achieve in the next 3 years what would otherwise take them 20 years to accomplish. Excellence Installation Technology is their unique approach to helping people Launch a Legacy in Compressed Time.

In the process of teaching ‘what exactly’ they were unconsciously doing to other people that resulted in such unprecedented results, they coded the art of identifying that life-changing adjustment/shift they make in each individual whilst making it an innate part the person’s neurology. This code, a highly successful approach to personal excellence is known as Excellence Installation Technology.

Read more here about What is Excellence Installation Technology, authored by it’s Co-creator Harini Ramachandran and the Excellence Installation Backstory.

There are at least 12 Reasons Why you must Evolve your Personal Excellence. Excellence Installation is one of the fastest ways you can Evolve your Personal Excellence as the approach is very precise, targeted and strategic in nature, taking into account the psychology of change, and the pre-requisites to Change the Trajectory of One’s life towards a very High standard of Personal Excellence and in the direction of a creating a Legacy.

The tools and techniques of effective real change from within, is available. The body of work originally created as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has fascinating Techniques to create a real change. However, the Wisdom lies in identifying ‘what’ to change and the foresight to Map the personal adjustments to the desired outcome and then make the desired changes using techniques such as NLP. The art and acuity of diagnosis forms the heart of Excellence Installation Technology as well as methods to not just fix personal limitations, but Evolve Superior Capabilities.

The framework of Excellence Installation Technology has helped people with Time Compression and setting their life in a path to Legacy. The roots of such a possibility from the table of A&H started in 2011. Here is a brief log of Journey to Legacy in Compressed Time.

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Preethi Sankkari

Core Team Member, Antano & Harini

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Launch your Legacy in 2-3 Years, Not 10 or 20.

Flourishing in your Business, Health, Family, Legacy - All together Simultaneously using Excellence Installation Technology