February 4

“I learned to learn at uP!. It changed my life.” – Puru


Puru Varma is one of the youngest Members with Antano & Harini, from Delhi. He confesses that when he came to uP!, his learning was really limited. After uP!, he says that the scope of what he has learned and how quickly he can learn anything has completely changed. Today, he is one of the top EI Specialists with Antano & Harini. Also he has already evolved by leaps and bounds in terms of music. He is so confident on his capabilities to learn that he looks forward to several wide-ranging careers in the fields of music and art!

If you really study geniuses, you will realise that geniuses are not specialists in one field; they are actually masters of many trades! This is because they are able to not just learn but become a natural at anything they desire. At uP!, there are specific installations that Antano & Harini do for people to multiply their learning exponentially!


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