What are one or two habits or emotional patterns that are MOST limiting your life? What if you could change them in minutes, permanently?
Vikas Agarwal, a very successful trainer, underwent his experience with Antano & Harini exactly 3 years back. He had a habit since childhood, of binge-eating. When he came to uP!, he knew that breaking this habit would be a life-changing shift for him. Within a few minutes of doing a powerful pattern of Swish, he got over the craving of binge-eating, permanently. As a result of this seemingly small change, he has started exercising. Not just that, he has developed a refined intuition for organising and sorting things, which has taken him to the next level in every aspect of his life.

Are there habits and behaviours costing you the quality of your life? Do you want to break them within a matter of minutes? With the technology of Excellence Installations & Unconscious Patterning (uP!), Antano & Harini figure out what are these seemingly small changes that will change your life and make these changes absolutely innate, such that these changes generalise and create a way more evolved personality than you can conceive of right now!

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Preethi Sankkari

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