New Scientific Study Reveals:
How to develop the Power to Change, Transform and Evolve ANYONE.

2400 years ago, it was believed that diseases were caused by unknown, mystical forces. And then Hippocrates invented Medical Science. Excellence Installations is the "Personal Evolution Science", that gets you THE personal transformations, capabilities and strategies to save you years and Live Like a Legend in your business, health, family and legacy!


Can a human being grow and evolve every 2 years instead of 10?

From Helping A.R. Rahman launch Sunshine Orchestra in just 8 months. To getting a paralysed man with a C5 fracture to get back movements and return to his full-time job. From Helping 100+ underprivileged children to break a 65-years' record with just 2 days of precise Installations. To helping thousands Launch their legacies. The video playlists below take you through the possibilities this open up for you and your loved ones!

Featured Playlists: Paradigm shifts in Personal Evolution

Become Installation Genius

Power to change anyone*
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Character, Nature and In-Born Capabilities CANNOT be IMPROVED. Or can they?

They have said for ages that change is a slow process. They said you can't change the nature of a person. And that's not true any more and we have evidence based documented results that change can be fast, easy and fun. The technology of Excellence Installations allow to develop new capabilities, traits and nature within minutes and hours instead of years and decades. The outcome of these adjustments is that the you complete your rarity and Launch your Legacy in 2-3 years, instead of 10-20 years. The videos in the playlists below demonstrate Impossible Turnarounds, Time Compression and Legacies Launched for driven individuals from all walks of life.

Featured Playlists: Stories of Evolution

FastTrack Legacy

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Passionate about EVOLVING people? START with you. There is always a NEXT level, no matter where you are.

What are you compromising now - Business, Health, Family, Legacy? Whatever it is, there is a good chance that there is somebody who was once in the same situation as you (or worse!) that we have turned around. After impacting 1 Million lives with one-on-one Installations, we have found out that there are usually elusive traps that have cost people years of life. Or they have missing capabilities, which when developed, paves a whole new trajectory for them and gets them to Accelerate their success in all aspects of life simultaneously - without compromise! 

Featured Playlists: Proven Principles of Time Compression

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HOW far would you GO, to get that ONE CHANGE for that PERSON in your life?

A young Excellence Installations Specialist saved her grand-mother from a cardiac arrest with timely intervention purely based on instinct. A mother got her daughter back from depression and drugs, just before it got too late. A son was able to free his mother of her pain and live more healthily. Several hundreds have been able to do many impossible feats and before it’s too late, bring about a trajectory shift within their families. The below playlists have in store for you, a whole new standard for what is possible in your family evolution.

Featured Playlists: Families of Excellence

Fam!ly Evolution

Excellence Installation. Super Powers.

From $26,800 with scholarship

A Disruptive Legend, or an artist struggling to CASH-in opportunities, there is a PROGRAM for every DRIVEN individual who wants to make a change.

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Watch the videos below to find out what that might be!

Industry Evolution

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