Why EIT is different?

They have said for ages that change is a slow process. They said you can't change the nature of a person. And we believe they are dead wrong. And not just that - we believe change can be fast, easy and fun. The reason we get the results we do when others can't is because we look at the problems very differently. In fact, we turn some of the seeming limitations into an advantage. Antano & Harini and all of us who have learned the technology from them can make changes happen within hours as shown in the videos on this blog. But the true gift is in - how A&H arrive at what change to make in the first place. The following set of video playlists demonstrates how A&H look at the world differently and why it is important for your life!

FEATURED PLAYLISTS: Paradigm Shifts in the Approach to Life

Personal Enhancement Technology that is Light Years Ahead

About 100 years ago no one would have believed you can travel between countries within a matter of hours. Advances in technology have led to the invention of flying vehicle. EIT is the Flying Vehicle in the space of Personal Excellence. The technology allows for an individual to improve behaviours, traits and their core nature in weeks and months instead of years and decades. The process of installation (of new behaviours, beliefs and specific capabilities) is quick and almost instantaneous. The results of such change - compound with time because of the foresight in solving the right problem and designing an accurate solution. Until, December 2020, you can experience the power of EIT in your life directly with Antano & Harini's mentoring. The following playlists highlight the ease, speed and effectiveness of Antano & Harini (Creators of EIT) and their revolutionary work in Human Excellence.

FEATURED PLAYLISTS: The Unparalleled Advantages of the A&H Experience

Excellence Installation Technology in your life

You can get direct Access to A&H and Experience the full power of Excellence Installation Technology in your Life. Antano & Harini are available to work directly with you only until December 2020. The A&H Membership gives you access to priority consultations and a range of world class and top of the league exclusive mentoring programs that are worth over a crore. Don't worry you don't have to invest so much. In fact, not even a fraction of it. You may want to hurry to get the membership details because after this quarter the mentoring journey won't be for 3 years - given that there is a hard deadline until when A&H can support you. And before you do, I recommend you watch the following videos to get an idea of how people feel after going through the A&H membership journey.

A&H Membership

Make the most out of your life and achieve what you want in your life by doing what you love.

You can be a rockstar in your field and leave a legacy for the next generation. You can apply for your membership here!

Excellence Installation for YOU!


I doubled my business revenue and tripled my sales...

Nanda Kishore , Director, Cir-Q-Tec

Immediately after I first met Antano & Harini, I doubled my business revenue and tripled my sales. And I did that by working precisely half-the-time with zero-stress and multiple-fold productivity. In terms of personal relationships, a lot of relationships which I thought were beyond repair, I managed to fix them within a few minutes. I am just looking forward to where all this goes next. I am excited about the whole journey!


I have just completed my First Movie as a Music Director...

Rajeesh Raghunath , Music Director

“I have just completed my First Movie as a Music Director. From a composer for ad jingles all the way to this big milestone, has been an amazing journey. My ability to produce creative music on-demand has increased. Also, I believe something about my personality, approach, how I deal with people has shifted. New opportunities now find me easily! Thanks to Antano & Harini, for bringing out this part of me and helping me shine.”


Antano & Harini have always nailed the unexpected....

Sudha Raghunathan , Padma Bhushan Awardee, Carnatic Vocalist

"Antano & Harini have always precisely nailed the unexpected. I continue to benefit from the magic of their unexplainable work. Their intuition to know what is really going on is what actually makes the difference. They continue to fascinate me with their Elegance & Effectiveness."


I became a speaker & blogger...launched my own business...learned Kathak

Gayatri Aptekar , Parenting Coach, Author & Therapist

"Since my journey with Antano & Harini started, I quit my job in pursuit of my dream, I have written a book, I took to learning Kathak, I am a speaker, blogger, I have my own business, I’m a Storyteller for children and everything else I dreamed I would be. I now do things with more focus and have the courage to do the things I love."


My parenting has transformed...and my relationship with my team members too

Rajesh Abhichandani , Founder, Coach4Soch

“Antano & Harini opened my eyes to some very fine fundamentals of human communication that everyone must know. I have been talking to my son, and I thought I communicated what I want, but after uP!, I discovered the gap was in my style of communication. I started listening, understanding and speaking to him in a way that makes him understand my intentions and he started responding so much better. And this spread into my office as well. I have a different way of communication with different people in my team, I just know what will click with whom.”


My live performances, interactions with audience and the way I 'render' songs is a whole new level now!

Rahul Nambiar , Playback Singer & Composer

“After rendering a whole number of ‘hits’ in the Film Industry, I was working on my own album for over 2 years and things just didn’t move; the obstacles were endless. I was also going through a struggle in personal life. After uP!withNLP with Antano & Harini, everything changed. The way I ‘feel’ and ‘render’ the songs I record now, and even my Live performances and interaction with the audience are a whole new level now.


Antano has helped me increase my sales and income

Blossom Kochhar , Pioneer of Aromatherapy and Creator of Aroma Magic Range of Products

"Antano & Harini have helped me in personal transformation and in achieving my goals, especially in business. My interactions with Antano have really helped me increase my sales and income. I feel at ease and confident while closing deals. This is a new feel in me altogether! It’s allowing me to confidently close deals over phone calls and most importantly I am able to put across the payment related matters. Being able to close deals over phone calls and communicate the charges myself is saving a lot of my time. In a word, I am empowered."


Having dropped 3 sizes, starting my own business, At the age of 40 now, I’m happier, fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been...

Deepika Chalasani , CEO Fit4Life

“I had no idea my life would transform so much. It’s been 3 years since I had my first experience with Antano & Harini and the moments of sustained excellence continue to unfold and grow after you go through the uP! experience, especially in the 6-day event with Antano & Harini. Having dropped 3 sizes, starting my own business, At the age of 40 now, I’m happier, fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. Thank you Antano & Harini for this amazing life.”


Antano & Harini's Interventions with our team have lead to significant increase in revenue, even during testing times...

Jeyachandran , Vice-President, Marutham Group

“Harini and Antano take you through the complete transformation where the changes sustain and get better and better with time. Their interventions are an eye opener for many personal and professional developments one must experience. Almost all of our Senior Management and Sales professionals have gone through interventions by Antano & Harini. There has been a significant increase in revenue contributed by these individuals even during testing times."


A rare combination of consulting, coaching and real change work that just works!

Anurag Batra , Chairman, Business World

“My faith in Excellence Installation, NLP and Transformation came alive after Antano’s immersive sessions and his coaching. It has been a meditative experience and creates confidence that you can conquer the world and achieve your deepest desires and dreams and you feel you are equipped as Antano has provided the toolkit for Excellence.

Antano is a genius and his work to accelerate results comes from a rare combination of consulting, coaching and real changework that just works.”