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What are your Deepest Desires?

Choose from 53 Personal Evolution Focus areas and Make your WiSH come true with powerful changes from within in record time.

Choose from 53 Personal Evolution Focus Areas and Make your WiSH come true with powerful changes from within in record time.

Experience Excellence Installations for innate shifts that feel natural.

Achieve Powerful Changes faster, quicker and deeper each time.

Save Years of your Life with Strategic Capability Acceleration in compressed time.

Evolve to make your WiSH

come true in Record Time

Celebrate Personal Evolution that gets you more good feelings in your daily living.

Immerse yourself in 

 Super-Sonic Capability Acceleration to make your WiSH come alive.

Decades of
Capability in Hours.

Improve any 5 Focus Areas at a time

upto 40 Habit Improvements with unconscious patterning per wish

Dive in to immediate transformations and experiences new responses, naturally.

Personalise your intervals with guided time compression technology

Get your installed-for-you personalized

milestone report

Attach over 100 different good feelings to doing things that matter

Get over any of the 1200 limiting mindsets, behaviours, emotions. 

Choose from over a dozen superior capabilities to Fast-Track Your WiSH

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WiSH Personal

WiSH Family



Focus Areas

5 Focus Areas

8 Focus Areas

Person Included


1 - 3

Evolution Cycles



Accelerated Time Compression Diagnostics



Unconscious Patterning Implementation

20 Hours

40 Hours

Deep Trance Inductions



High Performance Coaching



Review & Acceleration for Next Outcome



Use Extra Implementation Hours for Additional Focus Area Outcome

Requires Additional ATC Diagnostics $1200


Extra Implementation Hours

$265 per  hour

$265 per hour

Milestone Report

16 Milestones (Avg)

40 Milestones (Avg)


1 Year

1 Year

Get Started for $100

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What is A&H WiSH [Online]?

A&H WiSH [Online] is a One-on-One Excellence Installation program to help you evolve your capabilities to achieve instant breakthrough in some key areas of your life

Can I WiSH for Multiple Things?

Yes, you can! We can plan upto 5 Wishes and work on one at a time. 
You can either buy multiple One Wish package or an A&H WiSH Membership.

How Quickly will I see Results?

Right after Diagnostics, Clients report increased clarity and several breakthroughs. 
Additionally, after every implementation session, you will feel the innate shift in the areas of focus during the implementation.

What is an A&H WiSH Acceleration Report?

The A&H WiSH Acceleration Report shows your Accelerated Journey, clearly highlighting the vision, the milestones and the progress. 
Every WiSH Outcome has small, incremental measurable milestones. The report is validation of these milestones being achieved based on your own experience in various aspects of your life. And enables you to with confidence pursue certain outcomes coming from the awareness of your newer capabilities. 

What does it cost?

ATC Diagnostics -  $ 600
Implementation:     $ 265 per Hour 

Get 5 Hours free in your First Wish. Check Pricing Above.

What if I need more than 10 WiSH Hours for a Single Wish?

100% of A&H WiSH customers have reported having achieved their outcomes. Incase of an exception, we can give you upto 2 addition implementation hours to make it work. 

Will there be Advice, Counselling and Lectures?


With Excellence Installations the changes we make are innate, that bring several other changes naturally, leading to creation of new Life Experiences and Capability Development necessary for Personal Evolution. 

Is Excellence Installation effective online?


Is A&H WiSH [Online] the same as Excellence Installation?

WiSH Acceleration is a personal evolution program to enable certain things in your life immediately.
Excellence Installations on the other hand, is the Technology that we use across all our services to help them accelerate and time compress personal evolution.
Where one is the name of our service, another is how we bring about these changes for people. 

Immediate, Convenient, 
Iterative Evolution Cycles
End to End results within 15 Hours spread over 29 Days

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