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March 2, 2018

What is Excellence Installation Technology?

Many people who have experienced Excellence Installations and it’s continued Impact in their Life post installations, and who they have become as a consequence of targeted installations, believe this is the new Disruptive Technology in the space of Personal Excellence.

The one question that daunts everyone who’s on a quest to Personal Excellence in Compressed Time, is how do I get from where I am, to where I want to be, fast? The answer lies in the wisdom of reverse engineering the personal adjustments one needs to make now, to arrive at the desired destination. Let’s say someone from an Entry level executive at the Big Four to a Partner in the Big Four or a Vice-President and above level. A fresher or a even a post graduate with 2-3 years of experience, is at least going to take another 15-25 years to get to top management. In the recent list of 30 under 30 as announced by Forbes, Aditya Sharma who is all of 29 years in age rises to become the Partner of McKinsey in as less as 7 years! The question is – What Personal Capabilities, decisions and adjustments, led him to this unique trajectory? In common words, ‘What did he do right?’

The irony to that question is that if you’re not of that caliber and mindset yet, ‘knowing’ the answer to that question will still not help you fast track your journey! Besides, every person is unique. The set of personal adjustments each one needs to make, to get on their unique path to Legacy is unique. This is where Excellence Installation comes in.

The art of reverse-engineering the strategic adjustments in your Personal self – in terms of capabilities, beliefs, behaviors, patterns of thinking, and making those specific changes happen in a way that they become innate and natural to you – is Excellence Installation Technology. It’s a framework that allows for precise diagnosis of what needs to happen Now, in order for you to make that next big leap in your life, most importantly, carving a unique trajectory for you.

The Installations you need now is different from the Installations you need 3 months from now, 6 months from now. It’s a journey of building Superior Capabilities, and adding layers of depth to each of those capabilities that allow you to Perform, Think and Connect like a genius.




Have you got your diagnosis right? Request a Consultation here.


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Harini Ramachandran

Core Team Member, Antano & Harini

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