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Source: India Today Success comes to those who prioritize and commit deeply to evolve themselves, becoming better, more capable human beings, overcoming weakness and not merely relying on their strengths. Because that’s what leads to complete personal excellence. Often, when people don’t do that, they get stuck in a mid-life crisis, caught up in everyday

6 things that can happen if you focus on improving your personal excellence

“If anyone can walk on water, so can you” – John Grinder At the outset, that might sound like a motivational quote. ‘You can do it’, yaaayyy! But wait! I’m referring to something deeper here. We are talking about a Capability, here. What John Grinder intends to convey in that quote, is if any human

Converting Innate Potential into Real Superior Capabilities

Here are 12 Reasons Why You must Evolve your Personal Excellence: 1. Time Compression This is the First and Foremost reason why you must evolve your Personal Excellence. To Achieve Time Compression. Sometimes, we all forget we are mortal. There is a definite and limited period of your existence on earth. While it might seem

12 Reasons Why you must Evolve your Personal Excellence

Excellence Installation Technology, didn’t sprout out of the blue, on any random day. It’s a systematic framework developed with extensive testing on people across age groups – 14 to 72. Ranging from independent professionals, performing artists, doctors, lawyers, CXOs, senior and middle management, entry level corporate employees, gigantic investors, HNIs, seasoned serial entrepreneurs and large

The Excellence Installation Technology backstory

Many people who have experienced Excellence Installations and it’s continued Impact in their Life post installations, and who they have become as a consequence of targeted installations, believe this is the new Disruptive Technology in the space of Personal Excellence. The one question that daunts everyone who’s on a quest to Personal Excellence in Compressed

What is Excellence Installation Technology?

Legacy doesn’t happen overnight. But it does, with a series of Right decisions in Compressed time. This is our Journey of Legacy, with specific attention to the evolution, especially in the initial days. And what got us on a path that is unparalleled. I’m often reminded, that every minute, every decision you take, shapes not

Our Journey of Legacy in Compressed Time

Making EACH move COUNT… Post-Pandemic Trajectory

What if the entire duration of the Pandemic is a preparation for what is to come! Are you ready?

Superior Capabilities of World Leaders

Who are world leaders? Is it the richest? The most famous? Or is it the Most Powerful?

How to Gain the Power to Choose and grow 1000x

Do you want to grow accelerated? Then these are 3 Super Powers you need to develop:

Excellence Installation Specialization: Because Your Family Matters.

Can your Installation Super Powers make your FAMILY happier and better equipped to Live Purposefully?

Awakening the Artist to get the Genius in Action

Who are world leaders? Is it the richest? The most famous? Or is it the Most Powerful?

Information, Insight and Installations – What’s the Difference?

Do you want to grow accelerated? Then these are 3 Super Powers you need to develop:

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