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February 20, 2018

Our Journey of Legacy in Compressed Time

Legacy doesn’t happen overnight. But it does, with a series of Right decisions in Compressed time.

This is our Journey of Legacy, with specific attention to the evolution, especially in the initial days. And what got us on a path that is unparalleled.

I’m often reminded, that every minute, every decision you take, shapes not only the next moment, but many moments, days, weeks and months. It’s never ‘just a decision’! Below are some important adjustments, decisions and the evolution we underwent, in our ongoing journey to Legacy…

20 September 2010

Experienced first-hand an Installation. By Antano himself. He helped me get rid of what I call a ‘crutch’.
He got me to do something that I thought I could never do. Antano helped me Remember lyrics to my songs. Until then, I had never gone up on stage ever, without my lyrics book.

But that was the Last day I ever took a lyrics book on stage. Ever since, I can learn a song and remember lyrics and rock the performance on stage in 30 minutes.

This was Revolutionary. For me.

Not just remembering lyrics. But getting rid of that crutch called lyrics stand, literally opened up so many opportunities for me. It’s like I had wings suddenly and could fly.

10 February 2011

Antano was the CTO in an organization where I was working part time. My career in playback singing was at it’s peak. I’d sung for A R Rahman, I’d sung for the who’s who in the South Indian film industry with a host of hits I was proud of. Had 3 role jumps at our workplace too and was working alongside the CEO & CTO – a great deal of awesome experience. Was earning a Ton of money with music & at workplace and great great  satisfaction! I bugged Antano so much to teach me Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and he agreed.

March 2011-June 2011

Practiced NLP obsessively, compulsively.

Worked on 500 people. For Free. and Tracked the results of our Interventions. For 6 months after our work.

We got Consistent results. With Different People!


20 June 2011

Together, Antano & I did the NLP Trainers Training with Dr. John Grinder himself. What an experience!


15 September 2011

We Launch School of Excellence. With the Vision to Create Generations and Generations of Excellence. 

We recognized, that in order to leave a Legacy like that, we need an army of Real, Quality Practitioners of Change. We can’t do it alone! With that intention, we started our journey in the quest of Evolving Excellence!


Our Initial Drive for Legacy

We recognized that Excellence has got to be the Heart & Soul of our business. There’s NO compromise in there. And Evolving Excellence means, you are raising the bar. Period. In every which way.

Back then, a standard ‘NLP course’ was priced at 8000 rupees for 6 days! A practitioner certification. A premier NLP certification would cost 20000-25000 rupees. We said, common! When you look at the Lives of the entrepreneurs/trainers/organizations who run such programs, they were barely running hand to mouth.

We thought, if NLP is so powerful, that it can give you the tools to accelerated growth, then why isn’t the NLP community thriving?

We recognized that the most skilled NLP-trained people in the world weren’t in the business of NLP! They were making millions, creating a Legacy in a field completely unrelated to NLP! The ones that considered it noble or enticing to ‘teach NLP’, weren’t the best examples of Excellence one could derive aspiration from.

To us, Learning was never about Techniques. It’s about Who you become. What you become Capable of. 

Evolving Excellence is about Raising the Bar. Such that, what is considered ‘Excellent’ now, must become redundant or average very soon, as you raise the bar even more.

We decided to Excel in the Business of NLP as well.

Money is an enabler. Business is for Profit. Because with Profits, you can Give back. 100x.

And money does no good, unless you can really deliver.

By now, we had over 700 clients we had personally worked on. For Free. And tracked results we produced with every client. From a millionaire to a dead broke person. From a Padma Bhushan awardee to a severely chronic patient. From a driven CXO to a depressed person. From the age of 74 to the age of 14. We had worked with the length and breadth of range of people. And Produced. Real. Results.

Results that were unprecedented. and Standing the test of time. (Some of the landmark cases are documented on antanoharini.com)

And then, we taught ourselves the Business of New age marketing and became the number 1 in the Industry and possibly the first, to run a truly profitable venture, right from the beginning.

21st November 2011

Our FIRST event of ‘NLP Practitioner Certification’ started in Chennai. When the maximum size of people in other NLP courses was 8, we had 15. We had No credentials, no testimonials, no John Grinder endorsement, we just had us – Antano & Harini. We did the tech, the marketing, the calls, the delivery, the support, the everything. By ourselves.

As people walked in, on Day 1, to the GRT Hall in Chennai, we handed out an ‘expectations sheet’, which had 1 question. What do You want?

We thought, our clients would answer, “I want to learn the NLP techniques”, “I want to use NLP for change work”, “I want to learn NLP for influence”….. But No! Not a single such response. Instead, do you know what we got? We got “I want to be a better father”, “I want to build deeper relationships with people”, “I want to double my business”.

Antano & I, looked at each other, and wondered, wait! Haven’t they signed up for an ‘NLP’ program? How come that’s on nobody’s list!

NLP Practitioner with Antano & Harini in 2011. NLP India
NLP Practitioner Certification in 2011, 2012. Fond memories of humble beginnings.


That day was a revelation.

That people don’t want NLP for NLP. They want to Fix something Significant in their Life and Achieve and Upgrade their Personal Standards holistically. They want to be able to do something that they haven’t been able to do yet.

So, we’re not going to Teach them NLP only. We’re going to Ensure that Every Single Person out there, gets what they want, as they had written on that sheet! At the minimum.

In that moment, we shifted our Entire delivery from ‘Teaching NLP’ to ‘Accelerating Success’. This was another significant adjustment that led us to our Legacy path.

Now this means, it’s no longer just a 6 day Program! It means, we take important responsibility for the Results that our clients create in their lives! So how would we know how they’re doing, unless, we get to see them again, and again, and again. So we did something Radical.

We gave people Unlimited and Free Revisits to the NLP Practitioner Certification program we did!

This was unheard of. In the change industry. Across the world.

And this was significant. Because, it showed us the Real Impact of the work we did. We got to see our clients almost every 3 months. The most Driven people continued to come at least once in 6 months for the next 3 years. And obviously, the program never felt like the ‘same’ program even to the people who attended it 5-6 times, cos’ each time, we did what was required for our participants, to really make that leap. We ended up helping everybody make that Leap, no matter what. And our Feedback, was Real Results. Real Results, are about what happens to that person after your interventions, 3 months down the line, 6 months down the line, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years down the line. And we got plenty of opportunity to see, and see and see again, and again, how our work just worked!

This helped us Develop the Framework of Excellence Installation. The gift that Antano & I developed over precise, undaunted, targeted work with individuals of all kinds, across all age groups, to nail the precise set of Adjustments to make in an individual that will get them that Quantum leap, Each time. There’s no randomness here.

The shift from delivering an ‘NLP Practitioner program’ with the purpose of teaching NLP, to ‘Doing whatever it takes’ so that our participants actually ‘Get what they want’, was one of the most important adjustments we made. It got us to think beyond the ‘tools’ and ‘techniques’ of NLP, to actually be the Accelerators in their Lives. To Bring in the Results they were looking for, in their own life. Looking back, this tweak was an important adjustment that led to the birth of Excellence Installation Technology.

2012, 2013, 2014

We ran almost 18 events in a year!!! Yes, we worked hard. But with every event, we were Growing. Immensely. We worked with 2000 people. And helped them Accomplish what they asked for in ‘What do you want?’

And we recognized, that the answer to ‘What do you Want?’, is not fixed! It changes at the rate and speed at which you change! And truly, we’ve helped our clients not with NLP techniques and a 6 day training program, but a Leap they’ve made in their Lives. The ones who were Driven enough, kept coming back, again, and again, and again. Because Excellence is contagious! It’s in the Human DNA to be addicted to Excellence, Success and Growth. And once you’ve tasted it, it continues to take delightful new forms of fulfilment and ultimate satisfaction. Leading you to Create your Unique Legacy.

To each and all of our offerings – SuP!r Masters, Charisma Intensification, Conversational Programming Mastery, there is a story. The seed that started it all. I’ll take you through why each of them, in my upcoming blogs.

Launch your Legacy SuP!r Masters Residential program at Bangkok Thailand with Antano & Harini, Excellence Installations
At SuP!r Masters, Bangkok, Thailand, modeling Harini to learn the art of Superior states of mind and immersion through modeling


I truly believe, it’s the people and the ecosystem that creates and shapes your thinking and helps you evolve. And one gets to the next rung in the ladder, the next level in the society, only with real, true personal evolution.


2015, 2016, 2017

We invested time and research extensively to develop the Framework of Excellence Installation. This has been considered revolutionary in the personal change space for business and life outcomes.

Simply because – this is not about motivation or positive thinking or conviction or faith or hope or belief or techniques or discipline or time management or rituals. This is about Evolving your Core & developing new capabilities, in such a targeted manner, that allows you to Compress Time.

But how do you how exactly, what the gaps are? Which specific changes would give you a 360 degree leap ushering you into exponential growth? This is one challenge nobody had nailed in the change industry until now.

Excellence Installation provides you with the wisdom and precise methods to reverse engineer the changes that you need to make in you now, to become you can be, and achieve what you would otherwise achieve in possibly 20 or 30 years, in as less as 3 years. Excellence Installation helps you Compress time, not just by fast tracking, but by precise and strategic changes.

Excellence Installation at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangkok, for Launching Legacy - uP! with Antano and Harini
Excellence Installations at uP! Mumbai

It’s also time to Take the Impact of Excellence Installations around the world. In 2017, we launched in the US, in the Capital city Washington D.C. and in California.

Introducing Excellence Installations for Legacy in the US.
Preview Launch at Washington D.C., USA, 2017


The Helmet – a road to Scale uP! to billions. 2018 & The Future

These days, you have advanced sensors to capture various parts of the brain that gets activated during various activities and the states of mind one goes into. We started working with Neuro Scientists and we have an initial prototype now of a Helmet, that makes the job easier for our Excellence Installation Specialists to create powerful changes in people, in a jiffy. Technological advancement is fascinating, indeed!

With innovations such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Hyperloops and Driverless cars etc., the world is taking a whole new turn into the Future. Excellence Installations is joining that league. We intend to impact not millions, but Billions. This means, enabling EI Specialists around the world, to create an Impact in schools, colleges, offices and a whole wing of EI Specialists working with NGOs and social projects.

That’s the Future we’re heading towards. Our Legacy. Of which, every reader, every client, every beneficiary is an integral part.


The A&H Membership to Launch your Legacy within 3 Years

The A&H Membership, is a handpicked set of Extremely Driven individuals who we believe are Driven enough to Launch a Legacy. We help them Compress Time. To completely help them evolve their ecosystem, their personal excellence and business intelligence to be able to Launch a Legacy. We help them achieve it in 3 years.

Legacy makers at Thailand for Excellence Installation
A&H Members at SuP!r Masters with Antano & Harini, Bangkok Thailand

Such people are game changers. They are the kinds that will be a model of Excellence for the society around them to see, evolve and learn.


A&H Business Intelligence

Exclusively A&H Members, on completion of 2 years of their journey, are eligible to Business Intelligence Consultations, where Antano & I work with them – to help them create a dent in the space they are working in. To Convert their Impact to Significance. With Real Business Intelligence and Scale.

EI Centres

Some of our Members, also will be our First partners in launching EI Centres all over India, first. And eventually, around the world. The seeds for this as well, starts in 2018


I welcome you, to Join, the Niche set of Driven Individuals to Launch your Legacy within 3 Years. Not 20. There is an Application process, as you maybe aware. Here’s link to Application for A&H Membership. And this is where you go through Full details of the membership – About A&H Membership


Looking back, that moment when Antano did his first Installation on me, changed the trajectory of my life. Helped me find my calling. And help me pursue a path that is unique and so rewarding in every aspect of life. The beginning of my Legacy. My decision to become damn good at NLP and going after it with undivided focus and dedication, again was an important installation. It meant a shift of priority in my life which is huge! Starting School of Excellence, our vision of Creating Generations & Generations of Excellence using technology enabled UnConscious Patterning, our decision to start off by Creating an army of Quality change agents, Evolution from NLP Training to uP! for Accelerated Success, to helping people Launch their Legacy…. The path has been fascinating to us, and to our clients and alumni, who’ve been so dearly part of this journey and evolving with us, as each of them create their unique legacy.

Every moment involved a significant investment in ourselves. In our own Personal Excellence. To pave the path ahead. For us. And for the world. For more Legacies.


PS: In the journey, I forgot to mention the Breakthrough cases we worked on in Health – helping people who are considered medically impossible, to recover by working with their minds. And how this was a game changer for us. As well as – so many business decisions, adjustments, relationships we’ve nurtured over the time. And how the timeliness of each of those was crucial. All this happened, because, Antano & I Prioritized one thing – Personal Excellence. over anything else. Personal Excellence. Because from there, comes Blissful relationships, family, finance, growth and world of possibilities you are fully equipped to seize, at any moment.

There’s been tons of media coverage – starting from NDTV Hindu, The Hindu, The Times of India in India to GTV in Washington D.C., USA and BBC London… These just fell on our lap. While we continue our delightful journey to Legacy!

Our work with A R Rahman’s Sunshine Orchestra, Padma Bhushan awardees…

I seem to be remembering a whole set of things I forgot to mention in the blog…. deserving of another post, soon!


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Joshua Samuel

Core Team Member, Antano & Harini

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