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3 months ago

Sonika: Creating New Markets in a Struggling Industry | Accelerated Success with Antano & Harini

The Story of how Sonika became the future of her 10 Million$ Family Business

In this video, as Sonika shares her journey you will discover some key insights that may change your own business and life, like:

1. Never Settle. Keep Looking even if people nearest to you are judging you negatively. Why quitting is not always quitting. And how to win the war even if you lose the battle.

2. Not everything you become good at needs to become your business and at the same time not always, do you have everything you need to fast track your business. So how do you discern the difference and develop the capabilities?

3. A lot of people have the aspiration of balance and peaceful life along with a great career. But whats the preparation you need for that when some businesses and careers are time demanding?

4. Most people quit a business because of the struggle and non-alignment with the existing management practice. How do you make your own business space within a business and earn respect?

5. Entrepreneurship is never about mastery in any one subject. What are some key aspects every entrepreneur has to master?

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Joshua Samuel

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