Multiply Your Learning & Creativity by Getting Multiple Descriptions of the same Problem or Activity

Why is it that the world’s best-run businesses like Google and Amazon don’t ask for customers’ opinion on survey forms to make critical business decisions?

The answer is, because they are measuring data about people’s behaviours and buying decisions that is way more valuable than people’s ‘opinion’ on what they will buy.

If people’s opinion is not the best form of feedback, what is? Find out here in this video by Antano Solar John. It’s a perspective you may not have considered before. But it can change the way you work and run your business, like it has for many. Also, what do you do with Opinions? How do you use them constructively and not allow you to cost you your health & business?

Break free from patterns that are stopping you to Grow and Evolve in your life and Launch a Unique Legacy in a Compressed time. Explore how:

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August 23, 2023
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