February 27, 2023

Mental Health, Physical Wellness, and Psychosomatic Response. We make structured adjustments in the unconscious patterns that have produced breakthroughs in challenging health situations* Unconscious Patterns and Health Around the world, some people have a spontaneous remission of cancer and live free of it for the rest of their lives, and it happens often as a

January 25, 2023

We keep pushing our boundaries with every medical condition we work on. And most times we are the last resort. Chandrashekhar actually came for career growth but mentioned a progressive eye defect that could leave him completely blind. He had a major challenge with his eyesight, especially when there was a lot of brightness. We

January 13, 2023

 DISCLAIMER: We are not medical doctors, yet in the past, we have helped people across a broad range of conditions – from accelerated physical recovery from accidents to improving eyesight all the way to overcoming mental health challenges such as loneliness and depression. While thousands of others have been able to overcome allergies, correct menstrual

January 13, 2023

For Abhilasha, we helped her overcome a very painful medical condition that she was trying to solve for 11+ years and it was only becoming worse. Solving this medically impossible condition transformed every aspect of her life, including her relationships at home. If you want to overcome a painful medical condition, then get mentored by

January 13, 2023

During Covid19, several doctors brought to our attention that there were a lot of patients who in spite of taking medication, were not responding to medication and their condition was deteriorating rapidly. There are many factors as to why this happens. And one of them is psychosomatic – extensive stress, anxiety, fear, and tension the

January 13, 2023

Asthma attacks can be cured easily without any medication. Here is one example. For those who are suffering from Asthma, you need to watch this! There is a world of difference between only knowing how an Asthma attack occurs or “how asthma work” and completely getting over it. Because you may Google “5 Natural Ways

December 17, 2020

Anupreksha and Siddhesh came to Antano and Harini because they recognized that they needed something more than weekly tests and regular medication to conceive. We can’t believe a year has passed already since Anupreksha became a first-time mother. It reminds us of the timeless than a year and a half ago when Anupreksha came to

December 17, 2020

When somebody has excruciating pain for a decade, the real problem is not just the pain but how their life and life experiences become so limited, and in addition to that, it also causes frustration, emotional outbursts, and irritations that tend to spill over into their relationships. They are compelled to build their entire life

August 7, 2017

Do you have insomnia, body aches or migraines that come in the way of your professional and personal growth and ultimately in the way of Launching your legacy? If yes, Antano & Harini will not only help you get over those challenges but also make all other adjustments in your unconscious patterns for you to Launch Your Legacy in 3 years, instead of 20 years.

February 2, 2017

When Doctors said Phani had C5 Paralysis, a medically impossible condition, and cannot move any part of his body below his shoulders for the rest of his life, here is the story of how Antano helped him not only gain back movements but also get back to his full-time job. Become Installation Genius, get mentored