February 27, 2023

Know your child and help her overcome limitations and evolve with the right mindsets. If you want to truly understand human nature and develop the Superior Capabilities to Evolve people rapidy as you Create BiG Impact, then Explore the Become Installations Genius program: Installation Genius – Excellence Installations

February 4, 2023

In this video, a participant asked Antano about Parenting and how to raise her child as a world champion? And Antano gives her clarity about parenting responsibilities and the common mistake to avoid in Parenting which will improve her parenting skills and help her successfully raise her child as a world champion. If you want

January 25, 2023

Role of Parents in today’s world! PARENTING: How are you Influencing your children and how to help them acquire good beliefs, traits, and habits from you? Children are like mirrors, they are learning from you in ways you don’t know they are learning from you. If you want to take your family evolution into your

January 13, 2023

Do you wish for changes in your family that will allow all of you to Blossom together? Now you have a way to make that wish come true! The all-in-one for Family Evolution. If you can dream it, you can do it with Excellence Installation Technology. It’s beautifully designed, incredibly intuitive, and packed with powerful tools

January 13, 2023

Parents sometimes worry about how their children are picking up certain characteristics and traits that are not desirable, including challenges such as ADHD, Depression… How can you as a Parent help inculcate better mindsets, behaviors, and habits – consciously and unconsciously? The truth is, MOST behaviors and characteristics are LEARNED behaviors, learned characteristics… not every

December 18, 2020

 Preeti Baney LAUNCHED her own design and fashion label after dreaming about it for decades. Over the years she had acquired many talents and skills but couldn’t utilise them to their fullest of potential for monetary returns. She also craved to carve a niche for herself. However, she didn’t know how to travel the path

December 16, 2020

This journey started with power-packed and magnificent transformations in his personal life, marriage, parenting, and becoming a great leader at work. Kapil Awasthi is a supremely driven young man. Being the regional head of a billion-dollar cybersecurity firm and having grown fast in his career, he always looked for efficient ways to evolve his personal

September 4, 2017

Often Antano & Harini are asked how to change limiting behaviors in children… In this video, Dr. Smita is asking Antano how to help her daughter overcome anger, sadness, and fear and be happier. And Antano gives her the most beautiful solution! Are you thinking about evolving the life of your children and making them

February 1, 2017

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