Predictive Intelligence and Unconscious Priorities for an Integrated Life

Antano shared a hilarious note on how when he used to be a consultant, at the age of 22, for some of the Top Consulting firms, he worked directly with the CTOs and CFOs of the organization. These CXOs could do so many things in a day: big decisions, big things all day – and still be fresh as a fiddle by the end of the day, and even so intellectually stimulated, and already looking ahead and planning the next day! And on the other hand, he noticed how there were freshers and junior level employees who looked exhausted by the end of the day even at like 4pm, they would get restless if they didn’t go for their break and productivity wise, they would barely have finished 4-6 tasks…. 

How is it possible that someone literally 20 years younger than the CXO has only a quarter of energy and Vitality than the CXO who makes decisions at a completely different level, manages P&L, is responsible for big deliverables and yet is so cool, strategic and healthier?! 

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Now, the fresher may start the day with all energy and enthusiasm, looking forward to learning and growing. However, by the end of the day, the fresher would be exhausted after completing 4-6 tasks that he was assigned. Whereas, the CEO, in the first few hours of his day, would have already completed immensely strategic and significant tasks. And even by the end of day, he would already have a clear map of the tasks that he is going to complete before calling it a day and an entire roadmap of the next morning. 

Have you ever wondered how that happens? What is the secret that gets a person (in this case, the CEO) to perform 5X more, 10X faster (at least) than another person, who may even have more vitality, energy etc. 

It’s the secret that Antano shares during the 6-Day Live Excellence Installations event! 

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CEO or not, there are specific unconscious strategies at play that allow highly driven individuals to maximize their time & productivity. Watch this video and understand how to increase your outcomes within the time you have during the day. 

The human brain is so powerful! And in this video, Antano takes you through the precise adjustments you need to prime your brain uP to absorb all the data and the information, and process it in a way that you naturally and effortlessly do 5X more, 10X faster!

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February 4, 2023
February 4, 2023
January 25, 2023

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