During Genius in Action, we have been able to help several people complete a book in 7 days that they have been trying to write for 10-15 years. We have also helped a lot of people start new businesses and some even get investment within 7 days. Ever wondered how?

At Genius in Action, people discover the ‘Project of their Heart’: A critical life project that comes from a deeper part of their neurology. People have started businesses, completed books, reignited long-lost childhood hobbies, learned specific skills that allow them to take their businesses & lives to the next level etc.

The reason they are able to do such Life Projects in 7 days that would otherwise take them few months or years is that their neurology is primed to give them a project that they are fully equipped to do as well as something they are passionate about. There is certain wisdom in identifying that project…

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Preethi Sankkari

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