Watch this short documentary to see how Chandrika Accelerated success with strategic Excellence Installations by Antano & Harini and learn about:

1. The nature of Immersive Work
2. How to Get Clarity
3. Getting over Physical Barriers
4. Influencing People at Every Level
5. How to Compress Time

The nature of work that Antano & Harini do is very consultative in nature. Each individual needs a different set of Installations that will help them Achieve 10x in Compressed Time and most importantly, get set in the trajectory towards a Personal Legacy.

P.S.: Chandrika attended the uP! Event by Antano & Harini and accelerated success in various ways within 3 months as she evolved her own excellence. Chandrika is also a Member with A&H and is now launching a legacy in a completely new space that is even more close to her heart. She is also training to be an Excellence Installation Specialist, that will directly impact her new legacy she is going after to impact children meaningfully, for generations to come.

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August 23, 2023
March 6, 2023
March 4, 2023

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