“Freedom” is a very intrinsic thing. Most humans crave freedom…
Back then, we had to fight for freedom from oppression, freedom from colonialism, fighting enemies, invaders..

Today – What’s the Freedom you’re Fighting?

Freedom of Time… Freedom of Money…
Freedom to Get to a space where you can pursue what you want to…
Freedom to have the luxury to indulge in things that bring you joy without the fear of consequences
Freedom to Create Impact…
Freedom to Make a Difference…

And most of it starts with the Freedom of Time, Freedom of Money.
But given how most people organize their life, and the life situations they create thereby, it tends to keep them stuck for years… More like a Hamster wheel (google it)!

The most boring thing is to Grow Slowly!
The most exciting thing is to Grow Fast.
But Growing Fast also requires you to be brave, because, there might be a Temporary Phase where you might feel ‘over-burdened’ or overwhelmed, but then when you Strategically develop the right capabilities at the right time, you’ll do this ride of fast growth so well, that you go past the ‘Escape Velocity’ and actually Get Real Freedom of Time, of Money and get to a Space where you’re able to create the kind of Impact you really can and you really want to…

And on this Pursuit to true Freedom of the modern era, that is in alignment with your deepest desires, which you may or may not be aware of yet fully, you also need to know, that being Extraordinary does not need you to have all the ‘qualifications’ or the degree or even the Ivy League. It’s not a guarantee to real success. Your capabilities are!

Here’s wishing you a lifetime of Growing blissfully with delight!

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June 14, 2024
June 14, 2024
June 14, 2024

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