What is social anxiety disorder? How to Overcome Social Anxiety? Do you feel anxious / Shy in a social setup? Can you solve it permanently? Are you tired of trying conventional methods like meditation, and still couldn’t solve your social anxiety? There have been artists who have been diagnosed with Social Anxiety disorder and have quit their career! But you can overcome Social Anxiety ( Shyness) permanently without having to compromise your passion and goals! The Social anxiety that you experience in a public place or a gathering doesn’t just affect you at that moment, It has a ripple effect in other areas and comes in the way of your progress in life. It stops you from creating new life experiences and tapping into new opportunities that can accelerate your trajectory. Antano & Harini have helped thousands of individuals to permanently get over anxiety and other phobias within minutes and get confidence in a way that shifts their performance entirely. Experience their Magic In Action and progress towards creating a truly free and liberated life! About the Antano & Harini ‘Magic in Action’ series: A typical participant gets 40 breakthroughs in their Launch Your Legacy journey even if some of them are habits, behaviors or involuntary response that has limited them for decades. We have shown the outcomes of ALL of this coming together in our time compression stories and before-after. But what about these individual breakthroughs – can decade-long challenges be solved within minutes. In these 7 minutes of information and education videos from real-life validated results, we show you the breakthroughs A&H created for an individual within minutes.

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