Jyoti had been suffering from severe migraines since 10-15 years. After a consultation with Antano and a session with an Excellence Installations Specialist, she got over her migraine headaches forever.
Jyoti had tried consulting several doctors and therapists but she wasn’t able to get over her migraines. Every time she got a migraine attack, at least 3-4 days would be on-stay each time. Apart from impacting her health very negatively and causing a lot of emotional turmoil, this would severely cost her productivity at work and her professional growth as well. Within one session, she got over her migraine headaches forever. After the session she felt like she just let go of a baggage she had been carrying for years.

Do you have insomnia, body aches or migraines that come in the way of your professional and personal growth and ultimately in the way of Launching your legacy? If yes, Antano & Harini will not only help you get over those challenges but also make all other adjustments in you and your unconscious patterns for you to Launch Your Legacy in 3 years, instead of 20 years.

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Preethi Sankkari

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