Afraid of heights? Think getting over the fear of heights is impossible? Tried meditation, breath control, distraction, etc. to overcome acrophobia but it didn’t work? Watch this video to know how to overcome the fear of heights, once and for all! The fear and its effects are not limited to only when you are at a high building or platform. It’s more than not being able to enjoy some adventure sports. Acrophobia may result in stiffness in the body; subconsciously, in order to avoid facing this fear, you may end up saying no to your dream job, avoiding going out on holidays with friends or families, or other engagements. You needn’t have to know how to survive fear of heights and make it an ongoing, life-long battle. Without delving into “what caused fear of heights” or associating the person with fear, and instead of using an easy yet effective approach, Antano & Harini have helped thousands of individuals get over the fear of heights and other phobias within minutes. About this series: A typical participant gets 40 breakthroughs in their Launch Your Legacy journey even if some of them are habits, behaviors, or involuntary response that has limited them for decades. We have shown the outcomes of ALL of this coming together in our time compression stories and before-after. But what about these individual breakthroughs – can decade-long challenges be solved within minutes. In these 7 minutes of information and education videos from real-life validated results, we show you the breakthroughs A&H created for an individual within minutes.

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March 11, 2024
January 24, 2024
January 20, 2024

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