Outstanding closers do certain things intuitively. They know who to go after and Close! Are you wasting time with the wrong prospects?
What really differentiates the TOP closers from mediocre ones? An outstanding salesperson from an average one?

The wisdom & intuition of which prospects will close and which ones are time wasters, which ones have the budget to buy from you and which ones don’t (even when the the prospect don’t say any of it explicitly) is the ultimate key! And as important as it is to have that intuition, it is also important to be able to listen to the intuition and take corrective action.

Think about it- if your neurology is trained to give you a warning signal when the deal is not going to close, how much time would you save? And how many more deals will you close? How quickly will you be able to get to the top of your field?

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Preethi Sankkari

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