• AdjustmentProcedureSignificanceExpected OutcomeNotes for Change Agent 
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    (Refer notes below):
  • Adjustment: What Adjustment must be made immediately
    Procedure(s): Also mention any alternate procedures. If it’s parts integration, mention specific parts and outcome (Note: This will be passed on to Change Agent, and hence the intention and communication has to be clear so that the Change Agent can perform procedures effectively for the client)
    Significance of this Adjustment: Why is this adjustment critical to solve the current challenge and how does this adjustment also contribute to the larger picture (consequences) for the client?
    Expected Outcome: What do you expect as an outcome of this specific Adjustment? Also, what are the Test condition notes you have for the Change Agent?
    Any notes for the Change Agent: Eg:- Resourceful states recommendation with context etc.
  • AdjustmentProcedureSignificance 
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  • AdjustmentProcedureStatus (Not done, Incomplete, Did not work) 
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