BiG 2022

2 years, 2 months, 6 Days, and then… 

…The enthusiasm in the hall was palpable. Faces, tired from the travel and yet couldn’t stop smiling, being in the company of their kindred spirits. Amidst hugs and laughters, conversations that refused to run dry; finally united, gathered together in their shared drive and desire to create a BiG Impact, to change the life trajectory of lives, for self & others, forever.

In that moment, even the A&H Team Space had evolved itself in order to host this enthusiasm that simply refused to otherwise be contained in any leaps and bounds. And nothing less could have sufficed, to witness the event of an Era that has never ever happened before! 

This day will mark the beginning of the next 7 days. Perhaps the beginning of the rest of the year, and to some of us, the rest of our lives. With the momentous opportunity dawning on all of us, the enthusiasm, drive and exuberance, begins to crystalise. 

What’s next? What’s the new directive? How can the depth and the impact of 18 months’ of EIT Education be time-compressed in the next 6 months? And as these crystals of curiosities electrify the entire atmosphere, They Enter! 

In all of their glory, Antano & Harini embrace the next league of BiG (Become Installation Genius) Impact Creators; in flesh & bone, no longer from a digital screen! And what happened next is exactly what dreams are made of!

The BiG Vantange!

2 years and over 2 months is a long time for one to lose sight of their BiG Impact! Of what’s really important; of what each of our lived experiences, new capabilities and newer experiences are leading us to create! And so, the commencement address by Antano & Harini offered each one of us the BiG Vantage! 

What’s vantage? In military, that’s the difference between one country emerging victorious and the other being vanquished. In photography, it’s the difference between a photograph that goes on to outlive centuries and the one that’s forgotten as soon as it was clicked! 

Vantage Point affects the angles, composition, and most importantly, the perspective of a photograph. Vantage point is how driven mountaineers are able to conquer an unfamiliar terrain and make their way up to the Summit!

Looking at life from a vantage point, from the Zenith of the Mountain, gives you the edge that you need! It’s when every missing piece of the puzzle reveals itself; not just the past or the present but a complete perspective. It’s a time when every life trajectory becomes visible, imparting in you the Wisdom, the Systemic Thinking & Predictive Intelligence of what all areas you must accelerate to take your unique impact to the masses. 

Up close and personal, the BiG Vantage address by Antano & Harini reoriented everyone to their BiG Impact! Filled with the deep layered structures and the power of excellence installations, much of which we hope to decode further ahead in our individual journeys of becoming installation geniuses, the BiG Vantage address was pivotal in aligning everyone’s conscious and unconscious resources to the BiG Impact that they wish to create!

Antano & Harini further brought in the vantage point for the rest of the 7 days to come. The unique fertile grounds that they have created for every participant to accelerate their BiG Journey - the BiG Arena. In the week to come, there will be several accelerated paths running parallely, to cater to the unique aspirations of every BiG participant, namely: 

  • Disrupt an entire industry with Excellence Installation 

  • Evolving an entire ecosystem 

  • Raising the bar of excellence in Business, Health, Family, and Legacy! 

In days to come, we will unravel the deeper layers and structures of the BiG Event! We’ll share key takeaways and learnings from this one-of-a-kind event. And we hope it ignites in you the sparks of creating your BiG Impact. Because the world needs more impact creators, disruptive entrepreneurs and people equipped with the unique skills to evolve anyone in their wake! 

Are you excited? Because we, for sure, can’t contain our excitement!