A&H Covid Care

What happens in A&H Covid Care?

  • Several patients have shown positive clinical changes within as less as 45 minutes after the Excellence Installation sessions are delivered and this is clinically verified by Expert Doctors LIVE from the Covid wards, ICU etc.
  • Excellence Installation sessions involve powerful and safe elicitation of Wellness states that sustain and help the patient experience better sleep, peace of mind and immediately interrupts any unuseful states such as panic, anxiety etc.
  • Excellence Installation does not involve medicines, injectibles etc. The sessions are done ONLINE by Expert Excellence Installation Specialists.
  • Disclaimer: Please Note- These sessions are NOT a substitute to proper medical intervention. These sessions support the patient with useful states of mind and helps the body make the most out of the medical interventional as well and aids recovery. This is not Medical science. It is a cutting-edge technology for powerful personal excellence even in times of pandemic.

How A&H Covid Care will help you?

  • Building a stronger protection mechanism using the resources already available in your neurology.
  • Enhancing states of mind and emotional health by overcoming Stress, Panic, Fear and Anxiety related to the Pandemic.
  • Equipping your neurology to detect and reject anything un-useful and unproductive that can hamper your mental health / emotional wellness.
  • Helping in faster recovery of people affected with Novel CORONA Virus.
  • Increased chances of avoiding recurrence of COVID-19.
Free A&H Covid Care(#37)

Free A&H Covid Care

The A&H Covid Care will be provided to people who are tested positive for Covid-19 or having any symptoms related to Covid-19.

A&H Covid Support Testimonials

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