December 11, 2018

“This is the most powerful technology to end human suffering. Every person must have access to it.”  – Rathish Thomas Until he came for uP!, Rathish wouldn’t know why he was feeling so miserable inside each day and would just hop from one motivational seminar to another looking for a solution. At uP!, he got

December 11, 2018

Hundreds of Dramatic Results in every single Event. A snippet of how a 3rd day or 4th day morning looks like. These may look like magic to others but they are really snacks for our participants… the combined effect of the incremental outcomes of such dramatic shifts in each and every area of their life

December 11, 2018

A lot of people don’t take up challenging yet unprecedented opportunities because of their emotional blocks & personal limitations. In fact, many don’t even see these opportunities because of their limitations. uP! Prepares you to grab unprecedented opportunities by equipping you with states of readiness and superior capabilities. This will allow you to grow at

February 8, 2018

People often ask Antano & Harini why they teach people singing in a program where they are supposed to learn Conversational Programming. And likewise, why they teach people Storytelling in a program that promises to Intensify and multiply Charisma (Charisma Intensification Program). The answer is that when they learn singing and storytelling from a genius

February 8, 2018

Why are stereotypical methods of learning ineffective and slow? What is the best way to learn efficiently and fast? Here, Antano introduces “Unconscious Assimilation”, the finest way to master molecular excellence from geniuses. What is the attitude one needs to have to be able to pick up the “true” depth of what a genius is

September 6, 2017

Most people believe that Intuition is the opposite of logic, i.e., a person is either intuitive or logical.  But is that true? Antano busts that myth proving that Intuition is pure logic that keeps chunking up until it becomes innate. Want to develop the intuition and predictive intelligence that gets you to Become an Installations

September 5, 2017

Harini thrashes the fundamental paradigm that the “best” self-help gurus and best-selling books advocate, which is ‘Visualise your dreams and you will achieve them’.

September 4, 2017

Have you wondered why people who get to the top of their fields are great at learning & doing so many things simultaneously so fast and so effectively? The truth is that they wouldn’t have been able to achieve such accelerated mastery at so many skills if they were only learning and doing one, single thing.

August 20, 2017

When Antano & Harini make minor adjustments in one’s unconscious patterns, they insist that the person gets rich field experience for the next 3-6 months before they come back again. This is because with these installations, people generate hundreds of new powerful states of mind, new behaviours and minor nuances in language that allow them

August 11, 2017

Each Installation done is Unique to an Individual and Set up perfectly to allow the Neurology of the Person to spontaneously generate new behaviours and high performance states in 3-6 months after A&H Installations. In this video, Antano explains how not to take this set up and ruin it but instead allow yourself to flourish