“The real meaning of communication is the response you get”. 

Are you tired of feeling like your communication skills are holding you back? In this video, Antano talks about the true meaning of communication and the prerequisites for mastering human interaction.

Language is a secondary description. It is not the primary representation. So communication is not about how you sound in isolation. Especially, if you’re giving a speech or if you’re talking one on one to a person, you may not know their language well, and you may not know the right word to say at the right time. But those things don’t matter as much as what emotion you evoke in that person. Could you make them feel ‘convinced’? Could you make them feel ‘trust’? Could you make them ‘feel at ease’? And then it becomes more like a dance! Where it is not about your language, It’s about your senses. It is about what you see, what you hear, and how you respond to that. And most of this is unconscious and it is spontaneous and in the moment.

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August 23, 2023
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