CTD Life Report

CTD Life Report (#4) (#95)

Adjustments (A) x Time (T) = Consequences (C)

This is a Self Assessment of the Consequences in your Life, especially in the recent past.

Caution: Being overly critical or overly flowery is not going to help you.

Be sure to be in the right state of mind when you are filling this report.

You are also giving feedback to your unconscious as you fill this report.

Set aside at least 30 minutes of time to go over the following most important aspects of your life.

What have you been doing? Go over it month by month in your head.

“The unit of intelligence lies in identifying differences” – Gregory Bateson

However small or big it is. Go ahead and list it. Your unconscious would love to know that you consciously recognize the good stuff! Even small things - go ahead and mention it.
(Eg: You received great feedback on the presentation that you did, something which you have been nervous to do before or even avoided. Eg: You expressed your opinions in a professional meeting much better and your points were well noted and appreciated by the people concerned like your boss. Eg: You were chosen for a big opportunity, something bigger than you expected and you readily took it up. Eg: You were able to help your child with something they were struggling with for a while and this time, they actually got over that trouble etc., Eg: You closed some fantastic deals and the way you performed was out of the world! Clients gave you great feedback. Eg: You sang at a public function and people appreciated a lot - you’ve never had mustered the guts to do that before etc.)