“For the longest time, I had a belief – I have to achieve something in order to be happy. The most tremendous shift that I experienced after uP! was that I started happily achieving what I wanted. ‘Achieving to be happy’ versus ‘happily achieving’.. just two words.. but put them in a different sequence and they make a world of a difference.” – Nanda

Nanda Kishore is the Director of Cir-Q-Tec and a professional guitar player. After his uP! experience, he had incredibly notable achievements like doubling sales in 6 months by working half the time and with zero-stress, mending an important broken relationship, mastering the guitar at another level and so forth. But for him, the most important achievement for him has been that he naturally has a lingering feeling of internal happiness & abundance today!

The most important purpose of Excellence Installations is to increase the richness of experiences you have on a day-to-day basis. Life becomes so much fun when you are learning so many things so fast, when you are building powerful & meaningful relationships everyday, when you are naturally getting into high performance states of creativity and resourcefulness on-demand!.. and so much more!

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