EIT Core Education Application

EIT Core Education is a program for people who want to Build Capabilities of World Leaders and Create Real Impact, starting with their own family.

This journey usually takes upto 5 years to complete as you Accelerate your Legacy, build high levels of Transformation abilities, master Conversational Programming and develop ATC Intuition necessary to fast-track evolution of individuals, families and businesses.

Following is the Eligibility Criteria for EIT Education:

1. Must have P&L experience as a Director, CXO or VP of a 100+ Crore enterprise or
2. Must have been a co-owner of a startup for at least 3 years or
3. Must have been an independent professional who has either crossed 1 Crore in annual revenue or has impacted 1000 lives, in their field of expertise or4. Must have been involved in the strategy and operations within the Defence forces where high level of intelligence and strategic thinking is required

Following are steps in Applying for EIT Core Education: 
Step 1: Fill in the written Application process. 
Step 2: If your written application qualifies, get on a telephonic interview from the EIT Education Admissions Committee. 
Step 3: On selection, enrol for the program.

EIT Education - Application

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